An isolated photophagis


  • Name: Photophagis
  • Planet: Xylos 4
  • Habitat: Shallow waters, primordial seas
  • Time: 500 AE
  • Diet: photosynthesis
  • Locomotion: floating, attached to rocks
  • Descendents: All plants on Xylos 4
    • Next Generation: Phloater, Sea Pheed
  • Ancestor: Eocyto
  • Status: RARE


Photophagis was the first producer on Xylos 4. It had a simple photosynthesis process: It absorbed nutrients from its environment; then it took sunlight and water to make the reaction. This simple producer gave rise to all plants and other producers on Xylos. This plant gave off only oxygen and hydrogen. Without this organism, Xylos 4 would be a world fit only for germs.

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