Top and side view of some floaters.


  • Name: Phloater
  • Planet: Xylos 4
  • Habitat: Shallow waters, lakes, river world-wide
  • Time: 1000 AE-Today
  • Diet: photosynthesis
  • Locomotion: floating on water's surface
  • Descendents: All land plants on Xylos 4
    • Next Generation: Sail-algae
  • Ancestor: Photophagis
  • Status: COMMON


This organism evolved when the cell division process didn't go right. Instead of splitting off, they stuck together and grew. They soon became multicellular. The first multicellular organism. Not only that, its about 1-2mm wide. So its also the first macroscopic organism. They can be exposed to the air because of the cell membrane becoming thicker and less penetrable. So, it has roots with a very permiable membrane to take in the nutrient rich water.

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